Tips to Look a sensual mouth

sensual mouth

Our mouth is an erogenous zone par excellence in our body, for that reason is that many cosmetic which try to beautify that part of our face, lips care properly hydrated will help us to improve the appearance of your face and look most beautiful and sensual.

No doubt the makeup especially the lip or lip liners are the most important tool that will help us look pouty lips, attractive, lipstick, play the role of shape and do more volume, some also have lip moisturizing substances which will help us further improve the appearance of the mouth.

The paint color for pouty lips should be a strong tone, but not too flashy, a tone that is harmonious with our face, can be a pink, or fuchsia, and for those who are a bit more daring a rouge.

First you line your lips with a slightly darker shade than you used for your lips and then apply the lip color you mentioned, also do not forget your face and eye makeup with colors that fit the color of lipstick and will look beautiful and attractive.

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