Tips for modeling your smile


Our smile is very important because besides being an attraction for all men also reflects our mood, therefore it is important to follow some tricks to get a perfect smile.

Some beauty tips for a perfect smile are as follows, first take care of your teeth and hygiene it is important to visit your dentist regularly and have some oral diseases like tooth decay or bad breath, also make is a very important tip, you make up your lips in the right way.

The makeup of your lips can be subtle using a pink or beige color, and lip liner, lip gloss or just another trick is to keep your lips well hydrated, so you can put it cocoa butter or a daily little almond oil, will give more volume to your lips.

Another trick is to use a small tool called modeler smile, which is placed around the edge of the mouth and aims to create a more flexible muscles around the mouth and thus have a better smile.

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