Tips for coloring your hair red

hair red

Tips for dyeing your hair red:

If you have blond hair and fair skin

  • Then you are particularly well-copper shades and sandy.
  • In a dark blond hair or light brown with a clear complexion.
  • In a dark blond hair or brown, in combination with a medium to light complexion, you can take most of the reddish tones, which however should be adapted to personal color characteristics.

In the case of a hair dark brown or black

  • It is very intense as a shade of cherry, dark, or dark mahogany.
  • With a light-skinned, with a touch bluish-pink, or olive-colored complexion.
  • In those with fair skin, with a touch bluish-pink, or olive-colored complexion, combine especially well fashion colors such as cherry, red Bordeaux and the deep red color, red fire and color eggplant.

With a complexion with a touch of ivory, beige or gold

Women who have a complexion with a touch of ivory, beige or gold, I feel particularly well the warm reddish color as copper, gold and red beech.

General rule for red tone

As a general rule one can say that the lighter natural hair color, but clear and bright red is the best feeling.

Before staining a test beam

To first make a color proof is recommended to use the soft washable dyes, which delicately nuanced hair color. With henna changes can be made careful and natural color, while the intense colors allow you to change the color of a permanent basis.

If you are not sure or have your hair dyed

Those who are unsure, or have a longer hair previously treated with chemicals should be in the hands of a professional.

Care for red hair

And for you to enjoy your long beautiful hair color, you should use a range of specific care to care for their brilliance, such as red hair is only beautiful when it shines.

At least once a week with a hair care mask, apply a conditioner after cadalavado. A tip aplicales burdock oil and never air dry your hair with too hot.

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