Tips for a healthy complexion

healthy complexion

The difference in a variety of women largely due to genetics, but the truth is that it is much more important lifestyle, mental attitude and diet have a greater influence on how we see ourselves through the years.

That’s why fruits and vegetables are a vital part of anti aging moderation, as preserved by the rays of the sun and the harmful effects of smoking. Then what you’ll never have to miss in your day to prolong your youth you achieve is:

Vitamin C:
Because it is a potent antioxidant defense against free radicals. This vitamin is essential for collagen formation and for growth and tissue repair. Vitamin C is available in fruits and vegetables, which are the best natural source.

Vitamin E:
This vitamin prevents premature aging of cells and prolongs its life, keep longer in good condition the functioning of our organs. Our skin is an organ that protects us and vitamin E also helps, for example, wound healing and reduce scarring.

Vitamin A:
This vitamin with beta carotene are widely used to treat various skin conditions like acne and wrinkles.

Therefore water, exercise and sleep: it is proven that a good rest, good hydration and appropriate exercise routine keeps the heart and every organ of our body young. They may even be people of 25 years with a physiological age of 70 bad habits that have led in its short existence, and those 50 years with a physiological age of 30 because they were worried about their health responsibly.

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