Tips for a healthy breakfast – Part Two Part

healthy breakfast

In the previous article we offered a choice of healthy breakfast, which consisted of 600 calories and was ideal for those people who is making diet, we now offer another option for breakfast is also composed of the same amount of calories and is very nutritious.

To start the day nothing better than having a good breakfast, it can be composed of a coffee, sweetened with sugar, four toasts, which can be as jam or cheese dressing, three servings of fruit that can be a banana or banana or two oranges, a glass of mineral water, in this menu are providing the body with many vitamins and vitamin C potacio especially, and also bring some sugar when we eat jam.

By following these beauty tips and made this diet not only keep us healthy but also take a healthy life and we can lose weight in a very easy, remember that it is important to eat 3 servings of fruits and 3 vegetables per day.

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