Tinted Compact Cream with Blur Effect


The new Foundation Faker by Dr. Denese skin of the face can appear pretty evenly and helps to hide small blemishes. The compact cream adapts to any skin tone and is enriched with peptides, which help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Denese the Hydro Shield technology ensures optimal moisture supply and is also the reason that the Foundation does not settle into the wrinkles. The Foundation Faker is equipped with an applicator sponge.

3-in-1 product: Foundation – Concealer – Care
The Foundation Faker can be applied instead of the make-up, because he does well. He also acts as a concealer, because you can use the product if desired partial: to cover dark circles to conceal redness, age spots or bumps.

Large pore skin looks refined visually, because this product is not due to its innovative formulation into the pores. The color intensity can be determined by yourselves: More Foundation Faker provides greater coverage, less for a slight tinge of the skin. The laminated product lines and wrinkles, it keeps for many hours. The skin needs to be dusted not mandatory.

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