The secrets of beauty Louise Bourgoin

Louise Bourgoin

Miss Drolissime in weather, sensual “La fille de Monaco”, fearless in Adele Blanc-Sec, Louise Bourgoin also lent his voice to the creation of DreamWorks Studios, “Monsters against Aliens”. Yet the beautiful Breton is far from resembling a monster. Regularly under the spotlight, the young actress has to display a radiant face and clean styling. So what are her beauty secrets?

Louise Bourgoin has shown that humor and derision was by no means the preserve of women in physics “Yolande Moorish”. Far from it. Between red-carpet and film sets, this blonde 1m 78 radiates day and night. But how does she manage to attract attention?

The beauty tips from Louise Bourgoin

You should know that Louise, whose real name is Ariane, is a real groundhog! It can sometimes give up “twelve to fourteen hours of sleep!”, She admits. What have the complexion well rested.

While Miss Bourgoin admitted not paying attention to his line, (this is a huge fan of snacking), we are all in awe of her tiny waist. A little flemarde, not keen on sports for a penny, Louise loves above all relax. And for that she has a favorite spot: the chic spa Anne Fontaine, Rue Saint-Honore in Paris. Beauty is also a follower of the pool. For her it is a great place to relax when there are no crowds.

And not in a municipal swimming pool of course! One can not imagine the actress relax surrounded by a CM2 boosted with mattresses inflatable.

Louise Bourgoin

Side hair, the beautiful is a fan of the effect-wearing disheveled. His mane in battle, gives a slightly wavy look “bed-head” that showcase his straw blonde highlights.

Louise occasionally adorns her pretty head of an unstructured bun barely wound which certainly mess but so sexy!

To maintain her beautiful hair that she sometimes wears sometimes blond sometimes brown, the actress says her pretty head to Franck Provost.

Cosmetics fetish Louise Bourgoin

Louise never fails to stop at the shop of the perfumer Penhaligon’s, a veritable paradise for the senses.

For infinite eyelashes, it adopted Chanel Inimitable mascara, her brush with silicone (€ 23.90).

For a tanned complexion, a touch of Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Powder and voila!

When Louise takes a break relaxing at home it back to the salt bath of Ylang Ylang and Len Mad, “a delight”. Her skin feels tight, a little too dry? She opts for Clarins Tonic Oil, “really soothing,” for the light citrus scent of sweet orange flower by Fragonard, and if redness is epithelial, A-Derma.

The young woman loves as much as macaroons from Laduree beauty products. A cocktail of welfare-scented almond something to be crisp and crunchy and do not hesitate to offer Water almond face and neck of the brand.

The method according to Louise Bourgoin

At the Toronto Film Festival, as the ceremony of the Caesars in 2008, and the lunch of the ceremony appointed in 2009, the actress was stamped Chanel from head to foot. Big fan of the brand, it will give him a perfect style.

Louise Bourgoin also likes Louis Vuitton accessories. But when she does not wear designer clothes such as those of Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs, she weasel in Black Kennedy a rock shop at affordable prices. This is the place for fans of Bobo style. There are beautiful pieces of brand Cheap Monday and April 77 at prices ranging between 40 and 80 euros.

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