The chocolate also good for the sport?


What, we would have lied? Instead of tiring to play sport it would be enough to eat chocolate? The info seems crazy, and indeed, we will need to bring a little nuance. Dark chocolate, eaten in small quantities, improve health in the same way that exercise. The reason?

Any of the chocolate stimulate the mitochondria.

A study by a University of Detroit, United States, found that eating dark chocolate is also good for your health than do the exercise. Of course, after this summary fairly restrictive, you have to get the real information.

This is actually a substance contained in chocolate that stimulates the mitochondria, these kinds of power plants that tap the energy in our cells. In reaching this conclusion, the researchers fed mice with epicatechin (substance contained in the cocoa bean) for two weeks.

After the test, the mice had improved their physical performance and increased the number of capillaries and mitochondria in their muscles.

This study may help delay the aging muscle, avoiding the gradual disappearance of mitochondria with age.

Unfortunately, what has been observed in these mice can not yet be attributed to man. It will therefore continue to eat some dark chocolate, rich in antioxidants and magnesium , because chocolate is good against stress and for the circulatory system. But the support of a bike ride or walk is still the best way to stay in great shape!

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