The best makeup and skincare products to look younger


You want to wear a rejuvenated look and reap the compliments without undergoing cosmetic surgery? It’s simple, just a few products to help you.

Follow my tips and you will be surprised by the fact that small things can make a big difference.

An eye brow
First, it is ESSENTIAL to have an impeccable line of eyebrows, especially as we age. A badly plucked eyebrow gives a look falling and tired. A very high brow and thinner give effect to lift the eyelid. To enhance this effect, it adds a bit of eye brows on hair and brush it. The eye-brows must be harmonized to hair color, unless your hair is gray or black.

If you have gray hair, choose a makeup for blondes. If you have black hair and you have very dark skin, you can choose a black eye, but if you’re fair-skinned Caucasians, it is best to go with an eye for brunettes.

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