The beauty of the flat belly


The sensation of burning or swelling of the abdomen caused by gas, or by poor eating habits, or just exercise, stress, etc … are very annoying and uncomfortable, but you can get a flat stomach we all dream, not only for aesthetic but also human health.

Be aware of the fact that having a flat stomach is not easy and requires discipline, willpower and some outside help.

There are more and more people everyday are turning to mesotherapy to eliminate the belly, but there are other less aggressive methods.

There is the idea that the accumulation of fat in a localized form can only be removed with mesotherapy, but in most cases the swollen belly is caused by a diet rich in fiber, with the excess fat or sugar, the lack of exercise, stress, soft drinks, chewing gum, eating and talking very quickly, swallowing air and lots of other bad habits. Similarly, the lack of time to eat well, leading to distribute a few meals during the day, periods of fasting followed by overeating fast food, etc. … are other factors that influence this problem.

The gases are caused by phenomena of aerobic fermentation (fermentation in the presence of oxygen) and consequently the action of some bacteria from the intestinal contents.

Furthermore, in weight control diets increased the intake of foods that produce intestinal gas, such as foods high in fiber.

Internally, the feeling is very upset and sad.

Other times, you feel heartburn due to digestion. Physically, as a result there is a swelling of the abdomen, which becomes hard and causes the need to loosen the belt to unfasten his pants or skirt for the whole day to feel freer or better.

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