Spring here we come!


The summer is coming and the blooming trees remind us: it’s time to bloom for us! Follow the steps of beauty that we recommend, and soon you’ll be ready for a spring tonic and shiny.

First, get free from toxins with a winter scrub. By eliminating the dead cells, the skin is ready to shine and regenerated. Proceed using an emulsion sensitive to the areas of redness easy, as the belly, cleavage, inner thighs, hands, choose something gritty for elbows and knees blackberries, which effectively have to remember to take special care.

Finally, a compound will be useful for ultra sensitive face. You can prepare everything you need with household ingredients: base oil like olive oil, moisturizing cream or honey, as an exfoliating agent and ground coffee, oatmeal, sugar.

It must also quench your skin, that after the cold winter will be drier than probably it should. The moisturizer to be applied all over the body, might not be enough: add a drop of almond oil to bath water, or rice starch, will help to keep it soft and will dry out much less.

Always thoroughly dry any residual water after a shower. The moisture then, as a must-Also from the inside: you stock up on raw fruits and vegetables (Centrifuges will be your best Allies), green tea (also purifying) and of course lots of water. Avoid salty foods and packaged instead.

In view of the sandals, need to start taking care of your feet in a footbath daily practice, to soften skin because the hardened by closed shoes, is all well and good. Perhaps Also with the help of a pumice stone. Nfinei feet moisturized with moisturizers and nails treated analysis, do not ever cut too short them.

From head to toe: her hair, the winter that Will Probably Weakened and Weakened. Give it a rest would be optimal, but if you do not want to upset your hairstyle, at least cut the toes, usually the most Weakened. Apply a nourishing, Such as a compound of eggs and cocoa, to give shine and softness, with the Additions of a spoonful of almond oil if the skin is not greasy.

Finally, hair removal is another important phase of the ‘awakening’ spring, but instead go home with the methods that maybe during the winter can be good but Also not excellent, go to a beautician: avoid, or at least diminuirete, the risk of ingrown hairs and pimples, That apologetic oz sprouted to give a break to the skin.

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