Shea Butter .. Product addresses the problems of natural hair and skin


Many of us do not know the benefits of shea butter, and there are those who have not heard of a basis, although it is more of the plants used in cosmetics because of the multiple benefits of the hair and skin.

Shea Butter for Iman says Sami, an expert in landscaping: «known in Africa shea butter gold, women, and is extracted from the fruit of a tree which grows Karate in West and Central Africa, this tree grows in natural forests only and can not be cultivated.

The tree produces fruit after 50 years, and live for almost 300 years, but this is expensive because it is difficult to be available when farmers just like any other plants that are used to produce oils ».

Follows: «I knew African women shea butter for thousands of years, and used in the treatment of burns, and redness of the skin, scars, and peel the hair, and treatment of white lines and reduce wrinkles for their ability to regenerate skin cells and moisturizing.

It contains cinnamic acid, which also helps to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful effects. European countries and recently started to use in cosmetics because of the multiple benefits for the skin and hair ».

And benefits for the skin show of faith: «Shea Butter is one of the best natural moisturizers for the skin, because they contain many fatty acids needed by the skin to restore moisture and resilience to it. Shea butter is added now to the skin creams, soap and plenty of natural cosmetics because they contain vitamins (a) and (e), so one of the best sources of nutrition for the hair weak and strained, and the buffet. Also moisten the hair from the roots to the parties Vtksabh health and brighter, as well as they used to treat the effects of burns and minor wounds, and is removing the makeup natural ».

Although the shea butter greasy texture, it absorbs the entire bulb of the head, without leaving a greasy residue, and does not cause clogging pores, and this is one of the characteristics that distinguish. It also helps with hair to protect from weather and heat factors that are exposed when Bmkoah styling hair or a hair dryer.

Shea butter is not one type, where the trees are different colors and shea butter fruit. There are unrefined raw butter, and is characterized by beige or yellow according to the fruit of which extracted them, and smell like the smell of the fruit of the nut. The refined Shea Butter is not its everlasting aroma and is characterized by white, creamy texture.

And recommend a beautician using shea butter yellow or beige, because they contain a complete vitamin and mineral moisturizing for the skin and hair, although it is expensive, though some prefer to use white because the smell is pungent, unlike Shea Butter yellow, which is characterized by the smell of Jose may not be loved by another. And how to use Shea Butter for the skin, says Iman: «Some oils are mixed with pure shea butter until the texture Crimea easy to use.

Of these oils, wheat germ oil, which protects the skin from aging and provide them with vitamin E, which also acts as an anti-oxidant and wrinkles, and coconut oil which can be absorbed easily, handles dry skin and wrinkles, as well as almond oil, known Bjuas therapeutic for dry skin, and those that suffer of black spots caused by the sun.

And do not forget Jojoba oil which is one of the most expensive oils and cosmetic properties, is characterized by resistance to the aging of the skin ». Faith and advises using Shea Butter cream daily Kmrdob night before going to sleep and keep using it to see the results faster, with the results of its use appear quickly on the skin.

According to some studies, the results appear on the skin of 4 to 6 weeks, and is therefore considered one of the best natural cosmetics and cheapest.

For the belief that poetry says: «can be mixed with olive oil and moisturizing oil rosemary Bjuas known anti-hair loss, which also works on the growth of hair follicles. Shea butter is used Kdhan hair every two or three days, or Khmam cream once a week, where the hair massage before bath and then wash it then about 30 minutes ».

  • The recipe for moisturizing hair:
  • Tablespoons of shea butter, 1 cup fresh yogurt, two tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of oil, rosemary, half a tablespoon of apple vinegar, 1 tbsp honey.
  • Mix all the ingredients using paddle white manual or electric, and put a generous amount over the entire hair and leave for half an hour and then shampooed, and the remaining quantity can be stored in the refrigerator for a day or two at most.

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