Say goodbye to oily skin

oily skin

We exist millions of people around the world and all with different characteristics in every way: religion, race, customs … that is why our skin is very different from the others, some can have dry skin, other skin, fat and several others, combination skin.

If you have a combination skin face. It is very easy to recognize: the area “T” formed by the area of the forehead, nose and chin, tends to have excess oil, while the rest of your face skin is easy, normal or dry.

Today it is a problem to have mixed or oily skin, as consistent over time in the day the fat is created which tends to give a bad appearance to our faces: we are more radiant and even people may think they are neat little .

But to achieve this is unavoidable to prevent follow certain recommendations that will make your skin free from impurities every day. So much to be constant so that you clean your face and slowly getting used to the treatments that you give.

We have scrub twice a week is also optimal for you to complete your cleaning. The scrub should also be recommended for your skin type or prepared at home.

The products used must consist of: a special soap to clean all your impurities, facial tonic to free you of brightness, and a fat-free moisturizer to protect you and give you the moisture you need.

What you should do is to find agents for combination or oily skins that are free of oils and alcohols. With these products you will see that your skin looks better.

Do not forget that it is very important to look after your diet, since eating too much fat fact will also make your skin look healthy and not have excess sebum together with mud.

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