Recommendations of experts to look beautiful in this 2012


If the fine citizens of the revolution they changed their look and look spectacular, EVERYDAY consulted several experts so you look at this 2012 also is a beautiful and fashionable.

Stephanie Gomez-Jurado, beauty specialist company Bellcorp (L “bel) considers to worry about personal beauty should be a priority for all women.

“Today’s woman wants to look radiant and set goals for your self-esteem follow up. Beauty companies want you to always look good. A motivated person pays 10 times more than you do not want or consent,” said the expert.

Maria Dolores Calderon, image consultant, agreed with the approach of Gomez-Jurado, adding that physical beauty is important, but not more than inner beauty.

“A woman should remember that being beautiful is fundamental to his alter ego, but that does not affect your quality of life. I know many females attractive but his behavior leaves much to be desired, are despots, are believed to own the world, to mistreat people … they will never make them look stunning. So do not confuse the two realities, “said the specialist.

Following these assumptions, the two experts share with the readers of Daily Life several tips to follow during the 12 months of 2012.

One by one.

  • Do not fall asleep with makeup, establishing a daily cleaning routine every night.

    Counsellors consulted agree that, while this advice sounds repetitive, there are many women who go to bed without cleaning your face properly or, worse, no makeup remover, which equals seven years of aging.

  • Do not forget to use sunscreen every morning as the sun affects the walk down the street, even when the day is cloudy, then filters down through the windows of the office.

    The skin absorbs harmful rays at any time, so it is essential that a minimum protection factor every day.

    Thus, both claim that further prevents skin problems.

  • Correctly and without excess makeup.

    “Many women make the mistake of placing an inordinate amount of foundation and powder on your face, which not only makes us look bad but we hinder the passage of air from the pores of our face,” said Gomez-Jurado.

  • Sleep eight hours needed to wake up with a gorgeous face.

    “Tiredness, lack of sleep and overwork face makes us look older, non-illuminated, tired and fatigued. Apply creams night lines allow skin look radiant in the morning,” says Calderon.

  • Caring for the body using exercise and body creams. The exercise, agree both should become a fundamental part of the daily routine of women and men. The other help is going to the gym to lose weight, lower measures and be always beautiful.
  • Hydrate the body and face permanently.

    Recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water daily. This routine may include creams which provide continuous skin hydration and vitamins.

  • Better care for hands and feet.

    Wear a pretty face and well care should be as important as the hands and feet. Fruit creams provide a delicate sense of softness and delicacy.

  • Try new fragrance according to your style and daily routine.

    “We should not just use traditional perfumes have been with us for years for fear of trying new flavors. In the market, there are many specialties and fragrances that can be adjusted to your day to day,” said Gomez-Jurado.

  • Giving importance to hair care. “The hair is the frame that enhances the beauty in women, but often do not provide proper care with quality products for hair. It’s good to look for products to control hair loss,” said the specialist.
  • Self-esteem: Laugh and enjoy life is another tip of the experts agree that the true beauty and happiness is in the welfare and balance the human being.

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