Premature wrinkles? Causes and solutions

Premature wrinkles

Today there are a variety of products that get ahead accelerate the onset of wrinkles. Why you have to start to take care of soon, as you know, stay in good health, and if you can prevent wrinkles is always better to have to become addicted to all kinds of creams when it is too late.

Because the skin we want is like a newborn, smooth and perfect. As you get older and our skin begins to withstand the effects of glandular changes, or better known as acne, we do not want dirty word or name.

It is unavoidable to prevent the passage of time in our skin, but if we postpone it to stay longer with a youthful, firm, or a texture and natural moisture. That is why below we show you some alternatives that will help:

Drink plenty of water to hydrate, your body needs water. Dehydration is first noted in the skin.

Knowing the causes can help us in some measure, to take precautions with regard to our skin.

The environment polluted air stuck in the city makes your face dry.
Work stress and damage the freshness of the skin. A relaxed skin is healthy skin. Depression or constant sadness can also be generators of premature aging. Uplifting whenever possible.

Age and time are the two inescapable, all we have an appointment with them. Genes strongly influence each person at this point. Do not neglect your skin.

UVA rays, the sun, which we like to be brown is one of the terrible enemy of the skin as well as being carcinogenic. Remove the elasticity and slows cell renewal. Remember that although you look more beautiful brunette health is first.

Malnutrition or improper diet a healthy diet based on vegetables and fruits is essential for your skin look radiant.

That’s why we show so you can avoid the sooner, and can take as routine and so will give you the feeling you do not do any effort and you are protecting your skin from external aggressions such as sun or pollution as harmful. With water and diet also hold the line.

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