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Over the years, the skin loses its tone and relaxes. Whether on the face or body, it is less firm and keeps track of fatigue, pregnancy, hormonal changes. For the face, excellent anti-aging creams help reduce the effects of passing time.

The body is just as important, we must not overlook the pretext that it is less visible. Help keep his body tone and firmness helps to boost morale and feel better about yourself. Of course, nothing can replace a balanced diet, healthy living and physical activity to keep fit. Take care of your skin is complementary to that lifestyle, and many treatments exist to tone and firm the skin.

body care

Throughout the body, I apply every morning early newest range Almond L’Occitane en Provence: the lighter cream for firming and slimming. I regularly used its big sister the milk concentrate of firming and smoothing, so I know the seriousness and effectiveness of this range so pleasant fragrance.

The lightweight cream is offered in a big pot in green and is a nice green almond. I ground the thighs, buttocks, hips, stomach and upper arms with this luscious and fresh frozen. It quickly penetrates the skin and does not stick. Day after day, it’s concentrated formula in powerful natural ingredients, based buds of almond, almond extract, almond protein and destocking in power plants, firms and tightens tissue.

body care

Skin is toned, the figure will be refined. This treatment combines pleasure and effectiveness: it delicately perfumes the body, hydrate the skin (dry skin but will be supported further with the milk concentrate, just as effective) and helps eliminate unsightly cellulite so.

Often overlooked, however, the chest is one of the parts of our body’s most fragile and lagging the furthest years. To keep it firm and toned, I pampered with special care: the cream for the bust Kaliom.

Kaliom is an organic skincare line, inspired by two systems of care, aromatherapy and ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine). Presented in a stylish colored box, the bust cream is offered in a pump very convenient to use. Applied in circular movements on chest and chest, upwards, upwards to the neck and shoulders, it penetrates immediately.

I use it every morning before getting dressed. It hydrates my skin and makes it more elastic and flexible. Enriched oils davana and palmarosa, the bust Cream revitalizes the delicate skin of my chest.

Well hydrated and refreshed, it offers a smoother and firmer and I’m pleased to think that I found the chest of my 20 years…

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