MOTION LIFE, the new staining technique of Eric Stipa


Want to change your mind without breaking the bank? Eric Stipa now proposes a new technique for coloring hair. Real sunburn, service-LIFE TFC gives your hair a natural color. If you want a little summer in your mane, go for it!

If you want to give relief to your hair quickly and change the head without breaking the bank, Eric Stipa has the solution: the new staining technique MOV LIFE.

On short hair or long hair, the new service offers an Eric Stipa hair color that illuminates the hair root without effect and no maintenance.

The hair color called LIFE TFC plays on the relief, depth and color. It arises by performing a separation star on top of his head to delineate the area of color.

On natural hair or colored hair, the staining MOV LIFE offers different shades, from deep red to platinum blond.

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