Miscellaneous Tricks of Makeup


Chin up
When make-up tend to bow instinctively. Error. When you’re in the mirror, pulling well up the neck and chin. “I look better and have a more real-favored face. Or is that going down the street looking at the floor? “Says Charlotte Tilbury of Helena Rubinstein.

Use short brush
Start with its miniature version, will help you have much more control over the strokes you make. Test set Brown.3 Bobbi travel. The ‘must’ of vanity famous actresses and models agree on one thing: have an eye drop that combats redness and eye fatigue and gives more light. If the eye doctor will not prescribe another, are very well made with ingredients like witch hazel water.

Tune the jaw
How to correct the oval of the face? Apply a darker background on the jaw bone powder and a touch lighter in the center of the chin. To sharpen the whole face, covering the entire boundary with a darker shade.

Farewell to the bags
Fluid retention is the root cause of the appearance of bags under the eyes. To mitigate, and a continuous treatment that attacks the source of the problem, self-massage is also useful in the area: test small circular motions from the inside out and vice versa. Do it three minutes and just before makeup.

Lips ‘Push-up’
A mouth with more volume? Before you paint your lips, brush them gently in circular movements with a toothbrush. “It stimulates circulation and achieves a plumb effect immediately, although passenger” said Matthew Van Leeuwen, who succeeds on the lips of Scarlett Johannson. If you want a more intense effect, apply the brush salt.

Red days
If you’re not comfortable with a bright red mouth, pretend makeup Pilar Lucas when Esther Canadas: no profiles lips and finger maquíllalos color-impregnated elegidomediante pat. Color impregnated elegidomediante pat.

Impeccable time
Before applying the bar, it extends an clarita foundation and loose powder. Another option is to use a specific pen like Sephora Perfect Lips. They mask imperfections and fine lines, your lips look smoother and the color remains unchanged for hours.

Corrects the gesture
Dark skin above the upper corners of the mouth makes you look angry. To correct this, put a little concealer.

Sharpen your lips with a beige line, very thin, the outer line, stressing the central peak of the upper lip. Look bigger and fuller.

Sexy and fleshy
After maquillarlos, apply a lighter shade in the center of the upper lip and a touch of gloss in the center of the bottom.

Well shaped
For a perfect result and natural, outlines the lips after applying the bar, and not vice versa. Corrects and smooths any imperfections with a brush like Bobbi Brown Lip Brush.

Lightens the color
Transforms the dark tone of a lipstick in a lighter, mixed with a drop of your usual make-up fund.

Kisses without a trace
To prevent a too sticky gloss bother mouth or sticking to the hair, gently kissing a tissue.

Boca bite
“When is the nicest lip makeup is to take two hours,” says Baltazar G. MAC Pinel. This effect can be achieved from the start “if you apply generously intense garnet rouge half hour before starting makeup.

Then, remove completely with a tissue. The lips have a spectacular stained with ultra low tone burgundy and will look the mysterious effect of mouth bite.

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