Male Makeup

Male Makeup

It is very important to care and provide a good image, and so the man like a woman should look after both her wardrobe and her face, daily care of cleansing and moisturizing, in turn know how important it is to prevent wrinkles and lines, we now have an extensive range of cosmetics for men, that due to the high demand for this sector, led many men also begin to learn and use as an everyday thing.

Clinique sunscreen gel presents the Broncer Non-Streak (gel bronzer Jean Paul Gaultier offers the first color line exclusively for men, such as powders Sun Belle Mine (bronzing provide a natural and glowing skin matifican), the Belle Mine Fluid (with a colored liquid that hydrates fresh and transparent, leaving tan naturally), it also offers three types of nourishing lip balm (for light skin, natural or dark skin) and a lip gloss roll-on.

Also found among the usual cosmetic brands, makeup base, powders, bronzers, eye pencils or shadows to model the facial oval, like MAC, Bobbi Brow, Dior …

After cleaning and hydrated skin perfectly, for a natural makeup is to unify the most important camouflaging skin imperfections with concealer, use it to cover dark circles apply it with your fingers or a brush to keep from cracking.

The best makeup is that you do not notice, we would get a nice image, sound, and even skin tone, look for the tone that is closest to the skin, or a shade above this, the application the product is made in the palm of your hand and apply with a sponge the foundation, starting with the front center area of the face and extending it to all parts, not to mention the neck and hairline to not notice the lines of demarcation.

We will play with clear dark tones to give volume and reshape the face, to give depth in areas such as cheeks and temples use a terracotta tone, with this step we get to increase the visibility of these areas. Use a highlighter to the upper area of the cheekbone, under eyebrows, and chin if they are areas that we wish to highlight.
If the skin is oily apply loose powder to refine the skin and avoid unsightly shine.

The lips are one of the most sensual, therefore must have a minimum care to make them perfect, moisturizing sticks daily or in the case and cracks that are cut there is a remedy that never fails to eight hours of restful balm Elizabeth Arden.

Shaded in beige tone we unify stopped and burnt umber to deep in the outer corner of eye, only to apply eyelash and eyebrow gel, if you want a natural finish or in black mascara or brown if you want to enhance the look.

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