Makeup Tips for your eyes look bigger

Makeup Tips

We talked about the potential of the makeup, the makeup that can miracles faces. Have you ever seen the beautiful sight of Gwyneth Paltrow without makeup? Simply disappear. And that everyone would swear that are of the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood.

So what’s the secret?

In fact, several secrets. If you want your eyes look bigger, try these tricks:

  • Always arches your lashes before applying mascara.
  • Do not forget the lower lashes. Many people do not realize the existence of the lower lashes. However, it is striking see what the mask-applied-they can do for your eyes. The makeup experts recommend always painted lower lashes and note that failure to do so is a cardinal sin.
  • Individual false lashes are exotic and spectacular, and can look great if applied with correction.
  • For a look innocent and seductive, makeup artists suggest delineate the lower eyelids with a white eye pencil and creamy.
  • White eyeliner? It may sound weird, but it really helps to open the eye. You can apply it in the upper eyelids, and both at once, if they want.
  • Be sure to beautify your eyebrows. In fact, until you let your eyebrows in the hands of a professional you will not realize how much these affect the rest of your face. Trimming the hair adjacent to the main line of the eyebrow, add a slight arch and filling the spaces are few fundamental techniques for your eyes look bigger. It uses a special gel for eyebrows to make your eyes looking on. If you do not gel, vaporizes some spray hair in an old toothbrush and comb your eyebrows properly.

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