Make-Up Brushes


Nature’s Minerals Foundation Brush – Brush primer
In this make-up brush is a thick undercoat brush. Its design allows it to find an exact dosage for the application of cosmetics products. In the application of loose powder should be directed downward strike and be applied in circular movements.

Eyeshadow Brush – Eyeshadow Brush
The eye shadow makeup brush is a very high quality and elegant brush to apply powder and cream of eye shadow. In use, the products along the crease and the lower eyelashes approach can be applied. The brush should be cleaned regularly so that it can also be used long term.


Face & Body Brush – Powder Brush for Face & Body
This elegant make-up brush is designed for the body and face. You can apply it evenly with his poodles and other cosmetic products. For an even complexion is achieved on the skin that you wear next to a liquid foundation, loose powder and then sprinkle over it. The powder is best applied circular. This eliminates deposits.

Blusher Brush – Blusher Brush
This high-quality makeup brush is ideal for the treatment of the cheeks. The proportions and forms are designed so that the cheekbones accentuated by the application of cosmetics products. You take on powder blush on the brush and then dusted the powder in a circular motion. Even with this brush should be made a regular cleaning.

Kabuki Bronzing Brush – Powder Brush
The Bronzing Brush Kabuk is a very compact brush with a short handle.

The bristles are very soft and allow for even application of color.
The short handle of the brush is very good in the hand.

All brushes are made from sustainable sources, and such as vegan clothes acted as fair. The Body Shop proves again wiedermal that aesthetics and style in no way conflicts are to sustainability.

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