Like having slender legs and feet

legs and feet

Our legs are synonymous with beauty is therefore important that they always look pretty and very slim, due to our lifestyle and sedentary lifestyle is that often our legs begin to be thick and fat, but do not worry about this problems, this article will give you a number of beauty tricks that will let you have slender legs and pretty good.

The first thing to do is avoid eating salt, it makes the body retain fluid and swell more, especially in the area of the feet and legs, another beauty tips, is to exercise, walking for 20 minutes daily not only help us lose weight but also help to tone your muscles, improve blood circulation and tone the muscles.

Another exercise you can do to strengthen your legs and lose weight is lean back in your bed, and then deal with bent legs are lifting the body, you must do this five sessions of exercise per day and see that excellent results.

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