Like having a Chic Makeup

Chic Makeup

Makeup is one tool that helps us see ourselves more beautiful, more feminine, this article will give you some beauty tips for you to realize yourself a chic makeup which can be used for a party, a business meeting or a cocktail with your friends is very simple to perform using only the colors you need.

For a chic makeup first thing to do is select the color of our lips it must be strong and very feminine colors can be a rouge or a bright fuchsia, for the shadows of the eyes can use a gold or silver tone, if your eyes are hazel or brown is preferable to use a gold in case they are green or blue, we can use a silver-gray.

The rest of the makeup in shades of pale basa, which is a very subtle tone on your face and then used to highlight the cheeks pink one, it is also important to use mascara and that our tabs are well sprung.

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