Katy Perry launches its line of false eyelashes


Beware of illuminators and excess cream, because they can make you a bad time.

The flash of cameras can become the worst enemies of the famous, and that exposes all the details that they want to hide.

The makeup, combined with light clothing and turns into dynamite for a perfect look. Therefore, the celebrities must be very careful when choosing what to put vain. Now, for this you do not pass, here are some tips to consider when fix for an important event.

Beware of socks, illuminators, excess cream
These products give life to our face; can play us a trick, because they can make the face look greasy, so it is advisable to use them very lightly and without exaggeration.

We can see that Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman are too bright in these photos. For Kidman, it seems that the perspiration was the cause of its light.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton was seen with stockings that made her legs glistening in bad shape, which added to the flash brightness increased. That is why, in order to avoid glare on parties who do not want, it is better to use some opaque tights, which also make the legs look slimmer.

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