In Sugar Withdrawal? 4 Moves To Eliminate The Need Of Sugar

Sugar Withdrawal

Sugar is a drug? Apparently yes, according to a recent study at Princeton University, the sugar can be compared to a real drug that is addictive and cause withdrawal symptoms when it is ingested.

Being greedy and very fond of sweets, I can confirm that my body is addicted to sweeteners and the feeling you get when you restrict the candy is not at all pleasant. But here are some tips to fight the withdrawal sugar without effort: the tips are ideal for restaurants that would eat chocolate & co. at all hours!

Sugar Withdrawal

Chewing Gum Sugar Free

Several research studies show that chewing sugar-free chewing gum helps keep hunger at bay, especially during the afternoon, one of the most critical hunger pangs and sugar cravings.

Remove the Temptation Walk

You are in abstinence from sugar? Put on your shoes and go take a walk: walking helps to keep at bay the need for sugar, and also burns calories and keeps you in shape.

Take a break of 7 Minutes

This is a very Zen suggestion: whenever you get the urge to attack the chocolate chip cookies, take a break of 7 minutes. Think about why you want the cookies, what change, if they make a real difference and what will result in terms of calories and fat. Most likely, after those 7 minutes zen you will not want to abbuffarti of biscuits.

Help yourself with the right drinks

If you just can not resist the need sugar, choose the smartest route: opt for fresh fruit juices, juices, smoothies, fruit or vegetables instead of soft drinks such as cola or lemonade. And do not forget that a glass of water with a slice of lemon is refreshing and great for the body!

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