Hyaluronic acid or botox?


The new frontiers of beauty was the first facelift, then the Botox, hyaluronic acid, there is now: pros and cons of a skin stretched artificially

The myth of eternal youth is rampant, and from the nineties onwards has changed people’s faces, in a literary sense. There are evident signs of someone who is entrusted to lift, a technique by which the skin is ‘stretched’ through surgery. But suffering, costs and outcomes at times scary (not to mention some celebrity style, but each of you will mind warped by some face-lift!) Also reduced the phenomenon.

Especially since science has found ways to stretch a softer facial wrinkles, such as Botox and hyaluronic acid, Substances that are injected directly into the skin. Let’s see what they are and how they work.

The botox is a substance derived from a toxin, botulinum toxin, very dangerous when it is formed in foods because crippling, but synthesized and injected in small doses can inhibit facial muscles just enough to smooth out wrinkles. As a toxin it took years of study and the green of the most important health authorities before leaving with his job, but today is widespread. A treatment with Botox costs between 400 to 500 euros, and its effect lasts about five months, after which you must repeat the injection.

The hyaluronic acid instead, become important ingredient of many cosmetic creams, is a substance that already exists in the human skin, a molecule present in the tissues to give elasticity. Therefore it is more of a filler rather than a crippling, and is injected directly into the area to be treated analysis. Today, in additions to the needle using micro cannulas, less painful and less efficient.

This type of treatment costs between 300 to 800 euros, and takes from eight months to a year. Are often Associated with hyaluronic acid cocktail of vitamins, injections of molecules that Stimulate cells of the skin, in order to have Greater elasticity.

Unfortunately we’re seeing over the years as the Botox is Paralyzing the expressions of many actresses and TV star, who will ensure smooth cheekbones but lose the facial features and expression in the name of the race to eternal youth. And of course it’s a dog chasing ITS tail, because the black berries you go ahead with treatment and with age, there is more need for these injections.

In CONCLUSION, the difference Between Botox and hyaluronic acid is that it paralyzes the muscle and Relaxes the wrinkle, the second fills giving tone to the skin. Every woman should get advice on their specific requirements to a specialist before choosing one of two treatments, although in general to what Botox is more invasive.

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