How to protect your sensitive skin

sensitive skin

Our skin is always exposed to weather and other factors that deteriorate, often have allergies our skin irritations and is affected by the environment pollution, this is especially true in sensitive skin which are those that are most affected by these problems, this time show you how to care for your sensitive skin and give you some beauty tips.

The first thing to do is to realize yourself daily beauty treatment, including a facial, so your skin will be cleaning everything and then you should apply a moisturizer which will help protect you from external agents and climate In many stores also sell moisturizers that have sunscreen, these are the best if you have sensitive skin, because not only moisturize your skin but also protect you from the sun.

It is also important to consult a dermatologist every six months, but your skin is in good condition you should get an analysis and a routine, as this analysis will help prevent allergies or skin problems.

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