How to make a perfect evening?


To effect a glamorous and radiant makeup in the evening must be sustained and sophisticated. Dim lights can play with colors and materials for a sublimated version of beauty and glossy vinyl finish … So chic!

For a radiant and glamorous effect, the makeup of the evening must be sustained and sophisticated. The lights dimmed allow playing of colors and materials for a beauty sublimated version of glossy finish and vinyl … So chic!

Opportunities If you wear a beautiful evening dress, it must be enhanced with a make-up worked and sophisticated. Similarly, clubbing at night or meeting friends are good opportunities for you to wear a beautiful and nice makeup evening.

The right colors for a glamorous face, choose a make-up of close colors that harmonize with your complexion. To enhance your beauty, the database must be natural. Stuff to avoid: The colors give artificial look bad, and blue and purple lines harden.

The technique – Step 1: A perfect complexion to be light in the darkness, your skin should be soft and velvety. Choose a foundation and powder fluid, which evens the skin while leaving it flexible. Then apply to a large brush illuminator complexion on the whole face to get a silky and luminous.

– Step 2: Highlight your cheekbones iridescent cheeks with a blush pearly light amber, which subtly hang the light. Then drop a hint of blush gold reliefs on the face for an electrifying results!

– 3rd stage: a velvet eyes the look is very important in an evening makeup. It must be intense and reveal your sensuality.

Colors: Choose blush of color dark (the gray, dark brown or black) in a creamy or pearly. For a nugget effect, choose shades with golden glitter lightly.
Technique: Draw a line of kohl along the lash, to highlight the eyes. Then move the pencil in the eye. For eyelids, apply the shadow to eyelids dark brush in the palm of your eyelid mobile, then the highlighter under the brow bone. The trick is to start from the inside of the eye outward. Then move the shadow under the eye, the eyelashes. Finally, finish the eye makeup by applying mascara black volumizing, which gives depth and intensity to look captivating.

– Step 4: For a mouth glamorous evening makeup, Hem your lips with a red vinyl, ultra feminine and sensual, like the one worn by the gorgeous Monica Bellucci on the red carpet. Color: For a star, choose your lipstick to color red, intense and sustained. The gloss and other lip glosses are not suitable for a makeup at night, because they do not.

Technique: Draw the outline of lips with a sharp pencil a shade darker than the lipstick. Then apply with a brush the lipstick by starting in the middle of the lips to stretch towards the corners.

Purse your lips on a tissue, and iron over a layer of red for a makeup long lasting. For a painted effect, you can apply a touch of gloss in the center of your lips … You find something shiny ultra chic!

The key glam to irradiate all the evening, put on the eyelids and upper cheeks micro-glitter … You’ll be shimmering light all night long!

For an authorized fantasies makeup evening, the little fantasies are welcome: fake eyelashes , jewelry skin, rhinestones, sequins … Be chic, glamorous and sparkling!

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