How to make a Grunge & Dark makeup

Grunge & Dark makeup

There are new styles of makeup especially for younger, they tend to be more risky and daily change of style from classic, to punk, or too dark, a new trend that is becoming more followers among adolescents., In This article will give you some tricks so you can have a style of makeup grounge & dark.

This makeup generally uses earthy colors, dark gray with touches of silver or gold, is especially to accompany a Gothic style, this style of makeup grounge also combined with dark colored clothing or leather jackets or trousers of the same material.

For a makeup grounge must first use silver shadow, gray eyeliner, first base put on our skin of the face, and then proceed to make-up eyes is the most prominent section, we put the mascara, and we outline the eyes with a pencil that is thick, to mark up your eyes, then apply the shades of gray in gradient up to finish in silver.

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