How to keep your skin young


In order to maintain a lifestyle of one of the most influential determinants of aging skin. Among the factors, we can find are three that “are key to that age is higher or lower. These are: the sun, snuff and stress. ”

Since exposure to extreme weather conditions or contaminated environments, the dry climate or lack of regularity in the care of the skin are other conditions that cause accelerated aging.

The main factors that influence aging are:

  • Sun exposure, because it causes premature aging of the skin.
  • The snuff, generates free radicals, may have negative effects on the skin, a thinning of the epidermis or dehydration. Free radicals are oxidizing agents that damage the skin and can cause premature aging.
  • Stress, both the casual as that generated the result of a hectic lifestyle, it is also an oxidizing agent that has negative effects on our skin and can accelerate the aging of our skin.
  • Appearance: From the age of 25 essential daily care creams that help to maintain and care for the look, especially is advisable to use a day cream with photo protective agents and an eye contour.
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