How to avoid eating the nails


The chewing or nail biting is a habit that we have many people, bad very common. That has negative aesthetic and psychological.

Why do we say it is an evil?
The biting our nails is often billed as a psychological or nervous disorder which we call onychophagia which is the requirement for eating or biting nails. Sufferers can not control, so it is compulsive.

According to some studies 30% of children aged 7 to 10 years old and suffer up to 45% of adolescents. In adults it is especially common after age 30.

Consequences of eating or biting your nails:

The nail biting only rarely has more negative consequences not to ruin your nails. But the compulsive biting can create infections, nail deformities and others.

Solutions lay down to eat or nail biting
There are many remedies but no studies about so worth trying to find one that is.

  • If you have problems severe nail biting psychological therapy can help.
  • Try to calm nerves and stress reduction, exercise, meditation or a hobby.
  • Create awareness of the problem and try to motivate each day to overcome it. It is not easy because it’s a habit ingrained since childhood but can be done. Think of all the damage it causes.
  • Identify the conditions under which you start to eat nails.

    This will help you make the most appropriate means. Some people do when they are alone, bored, anxious etc. Other people do it without thinking when they are with friends or watching TV in a relaxed manner.

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