How to Apply Eye Mask

Eye Mask

If you want to have an exotic face realzarte nothing better than a heavy makeup with lots of shadows, give your face a dark modern style, this time we will teach you to apply yourself mascara in your eyes and choose colors for you to have a youthful style makeup and dark.

The first thing to do is make up the lid, then the application must perform the rest of the makeup on his face, but before starting with makeup, we must prepare the area of the eyelids, for that the first thing to do is to apply a neutral shade of color, which he will give a small relief to the eyelid.

Then we must draw a line on the eye area, and then we give the final touch making a shadow which can be gold or silver metallic colors, or simply to make it look more alive, an orange or bronze, which combined with the other dark shadows gives a very casual modern touch.

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