How to achieve a perfect result for our belly


Today we get to have a flat stomach.
Many people think that to have a flat stomach secret is to train your abs every day.

Some people also buy the stimulators for the abs (actively or electrical stimulation).

But they do not realize that the abdominal muscles are small, although the train does not get a large increase.

The problem of not seeing your abs is not its size but because of the fat that accumulates in the abdomen, the hated “love handles” or “rolls”.

I mean, the abs are there, all we have, what happens is that usually are covered by a layer of abdominal fat, more or less great, that covers and camouflages.

So it’s a mistake to think that doing abdominal outcomes. At best there will be some growth in the abdomen, but this is not enough, because until you remove the abdominal fat that covers them, they can not see.

I suggest that to get good abs you must use either the treadmill or any exercise that consumes more energy (calories).

I would say that it is better not to waste time in endless series of crunches, but instead it is better to do the exercises that involve consuming more calories (cycling, walking, running, dancing, doing the steps, etc.), so our body begins to burn all that stored fat.

So we will achieve our goal, we will try first to reduce body fat on a diet.

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