Honey Bronze Make-Up Collection


The Honey Bronze Make-Up collection is only most recently, in the make-up range from The Body Shop ®. The moisturizing products because of the honey very sweet. Especially for the summer, the products of the Honey Bronze make-up collection is just right, because they give the skin a radiant freshness.

The ingredients like honey, marula oil and beeswax are all fair trade products. Guaranteed safe and fair wages, a sustainable approach or degradation and by supporting projects The Body Shop fair trade.

Honey Bronze Lip Gloss Lip Nectar
The lip gloss is made of bronze makeup collection from The Body Shop ® comes in two colors. In addition to the Coral sand color is available. Both shades provide shade for the summer months. The mega-gloss effect maintains the lips and spoiled her. The lip gloss is perfect for chapped lips. It can be used in combination with one or Lipstift used pure.

Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder – Bronze Brilliance Powder
The Brilliance Powder is currently available in three colors (fairly dull, matte medium and slightly dull) available. It gives the skin a summery freshness. On cheek and collarbone he sorft for a natural skin tone. Through the brush, the product from the bronze makeup collection from The Body Shop ® is easily applied and economical. In combination with a permanent make-up powder that looks absolutely natural.


Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel For Face – Facial bronze
Another product from the bronze makeup collection from The Body Shop ® is the Facial. It offers easy maintenance and is ideal for all skin types. It gives the skin a smooth complexion and a natural freshness.

The face Geil is simply applied to the skin and passed. Wash hands after use.

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder – Bronzing Powder Compact
The second powder is also available in three colors. It frosted naturally and gives the Haute a pleasant freshness. The powder is removed with a brush anywhere on the face where the sun naturally tans. It is ideally suited for the road and completes the Honey Bronze make-up collection from The Body Shop.

These cosmetic products can beautify the skin visible. To this end, an additional Saftkur be carried out (Saftkur plan and instructions).

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