Homeopathic products, one for each problem

Homeopathic products

In homeopathy there are hundreds of pills and natural remedies, one for each distress. Here are the three most common problems and homeopathic products that are prescribed in each case.

Weight loss products:

To lose weight many women opt for homeopathy, always combined with diet and sport. While it is true that each homeopathic prescription every woman about other products based on their physical and mental, some are very common.

The Hypothalamus 5 CH serves to reduce hunger, Anacardium helps control the anxiety that leads to the refrigerator every time you are nervous, the Sulfur helps improve the body’s internal cleansing and Ignatia 5 CH fight against depression and anxiety.

Products for sleep:

Many people with insomnia and sleep problems go to this type of specialists looking for a solution to improve and even cure their problems at night.

Natural products such as Kalium phos or Phosphoric acid is indicated for young people with sleep problems, as well as help them sleep, enhance your ability to concentrate, giving them a little push at the time of study.

For adults, experts often recommend treatments Coffea, Chamomilla, Cypripedium, Nux vomica and Opium to cure your sleep problems. These are products that do not cause side effects in patients and that can combine with conventional treatments prescribed by doctors.

Infant cough:

Homeopathy can be a good solution to improve the problems of cough in children and infants. Children often go to bed fine, but get up in the middle of the night with a dry cough sounds very strong and even inhaling.

CroupEx Sprinkles is a non-addictive natural remedy to decrease the discomfort and irritability in the short term. This is a product that provides a temporary well that opens the airways smaller, helping them to sleep in comfort.

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