Hairstyles: Bangs uneven


Currently use different hairstyles trends, especially for younger women or teenagers, one of the latest looks and used the uneven bangs, this look is to have long bangs uneven with many points, usually the look is done to people who has straight hair.

The uneven bangs hairstyle is very simple to do, and there are different designs of them, is where you take only the fringe and is lowered and cut the ends so that they are all uneven, in other cases as well as the fringe is taken hair on the sides and some other wicks are also given the same type of cut.

If you have straight hair and want to have an uneven bangs look, what you can do is Laciar your hair with a flat iron heat, then you have it you cut your bangs straight with the ends uneven, follow this beauty trick, and you will look very pretty.

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