Guide to care for the full beauty of your legs


Care experts provide you with the beauty and health of the skin a golden advice to facilitate your way to creating your legs if you intend to wear a skirt or dress a short story, especially as the fashion of the fifties came back from seeking new haircuts short and medium length.

Find a sports program as well as a brief to revive your legs tight in less than 3 weeks with a complete guide to the way peeling and cleaning, as well as more modern medical techniques to address the problems of cellulite and varicose veins and cracked skin and ways to remove unwanted hair and many others.

Includes exercises and cosmetic and aesthetic tricks .. A little determination, following some cosmetic tricks and exercise, capable of achieving your desire Rchiqtin legs in a few weeks!

Day care
Lgel beginning of the correct and successful, try to combine these three steps to your routine every morning.

Brushing the skin: says Nol Gabriel expert treatments skin with Elemis: “stimulate the method of rubbing the skin with a brush especially blood circulation in the body, and speeds up the process of lymphatic drainage, thus combating the problem of cellulite which cause gathered toxins in the body,” and adds: “Try foulage skin before the date of the bathroom every morning fast, so fast circular movements towards the heart.” You can use a brush, “Brash Round” Round Brush from The Body Shop Body Brush or the “Elemis.

Bathroom fast: add Gabriel: “Avoid hot baths constantly because they adversely affect the ability of skin to produce collagen and elastin fibers. While the spray bathroom fast (Cor), which come down on the body Kdharbat light activates the movement of blood and their access to the members of the body all of which helps on the recovery of stressed membranes of the skin, and thus make the legs Tneman energy and a sense of refreshing. ”

Peeling method: Choose a product always peel a fatty base for Oil-based Tnamy skin smooth to the touch, try Salt rub of “Origins,” and followed by the full skin moisten your body Blocin light to keep the humidity levels.

The problem of hair growth under the skin
The process of peeling skin on an ongoing basis helps to rid it of dead skin remains stuck on the surface, which has accumulated that the dam caused the bulbs and thus prevent hair from growing out and encouraged to grow under the skin.

To avoid the problem, you can use in the composition of preparations containing glycolic acid, because it prevents the ball and the growth of hair under the skin. Try “Bioglycolic Hand & body Lotion from” Marini Jean.”

Twitch muscles
Are Tsedkin that 20 minutes of practice per day for 3 weeks, enough to make the difference? “Yes,” says Jaime Byrd, President of the club coaches in the gym Sanderson Hotel in London. It also suggests that you Jaime these exercises three to flatten, soften your legs Mlmeshma.

Wali step
Squat exercise session: – Snooze straight position. Bowed knees slightly, and push the upper part of your body forward during Ankhvadk down to take the squat position.

Progressive step forward one Berglk left knee and then bend the right leg knee Akhvdy down (as shown in the image adjacent). Go up slowly, and make certain that the movement itself and replace the position of the feet.

Repeat the whole exercise 20 times.

The second step
Jumping on the stairs: – Turned away the bottom of the first degree of peace your home, or in front of box jump. Turned away somewhat curved position angle is estimated Anhanauha a quarter squat position, then Aagafzy to first class.

Aagafzy back to the bottom (first position) to be the abdominal muscles tight to the inside and the status of your trunk completely straight.

Repeat the whole exercise 20 times.

The third step

Rapid jump in rotation:

  • Prove your right foot on the first and gave you a degree of the left foot on the ground.
  • One movement, with Aagafzy switch position of the feet, where the left foot on the first degree and gave you of your right foot on the ground.
  • Continue to repeat the exercise at once for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat all 3 times.
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