Giving Shine to Hair


Small touches and care which requires our hair will find it in the next report, as usual, work and time that consumes us; we neglect the care that we give our hair.

That’s why our concern and there are some steps that you adopt as usual will achieve the change that your hair needs.

Caring tips: Take care of shaping the ends, and will ensure that your hair grow healthy and uniform, and always a hair will look great.

A good hair products: Remember to use a product for your hair and the type of hair you have; Today there are an endless number of good products, but we did not choose the right one for us.

Proper washing: It is advisable to apply a nut shampoo on the scalp and massage with your fingers, never do it with the palms because all you will accomplish is to open the tips.

Enemy of the dryer: When do your hair dry from the top down, this will smooth the cuticle and add shine to your hair, blow-drying the hair will dry out and burn up.

Hair Masks: Please note this product for hair care, should use softeners usually after washing and masks once a week. In summer these masks must use daily.

Please note the following and see the positive changes they see in your hair.

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