Exercises and treatments for neck and chest look a perfect


For a lucid and attractive neckline we force ourselves to face the lavishing time and care necessary following healthy habits.

Always remember that this part of our physiology is the next to face, so it turns heads not only of men.

To counter the fall of the bust, which detracts from the neck area, we agree to exercise. Remember that the breast is composed of three parts: the mammary gland, adipose tissue and skin envelope. Since firm to retain the whole incumbimos act on the pectoral muscle, which is the only one who brings something of contention to the mammary gland.

To do nothing is as beneficial as swimming. Also you can practice three times a week for 15 minutes, the exercises that we detail below.

Stretching: affirmed and the back straight, raise one arm and stretch it to the fullest, all you can. Whereas, the other side must remain fallen throughout the body, acting as a counterweight. Hold for several seconds and repeat with the other arm. Perform 15 repetitions on each side.

With Weight: with a weight of 1 kilo in each hand (if you’re not at home, you can do with two large bottles of water) stretches both arms in front of you at chest height. Arms crossing one another at the height of the wrist, alternating motion 15 times. Rest and repeat the session once again.

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