Eating for healthy nails

healthy nails

Having a healthy lifestyle as well as eating right is important for our beauty, often do not have strong nails, they are brittle and do not grow dull quickly, this often is due to the lack of vitamins and minerals, this time we will give some beauty tips that will help you have healthy nails.

It is important to consume foods that are rich in iodine, since it is important that the nails grow rapidly, vitamin A, also called Retinol helps the nails look thick and strong, another of the important vitamins to take nails strong and healthy is iron, vitamin A can be found in green leafy vegetables, and also in some dry cereal.

Calcium is also important not only for the bones but also for the nails, this vitamin can be found in dairy products like milk, cheese and butter, we can also eat vegetables like lettuce or spinach, which are rich in vitamin A and retinol.

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