Diet for 5 kilos in a month


The beauty is also part of having a female figure slender and beautiful, beauty is not usually associated with overweight or obesity is also important that you multiproteica a healthy diet and if you want to lose weight, especially during the summer season which is where you show off your feminine figure, this time we will give you a diet to be able to lose five kilos in one month.

This diet will allow you not only lose weight but to eliminate toxins and excess fat in your body that have also diet based on fruits and vegetables and help your body to nourish and hydrated in a healthy way.

The weight loss plan is very simple to do not go hungry, start with breakfast first it must be composed of a cafe, accompanied by two pieces of toast, two glasses of fresh fruit juice, and two servings of fruits that can be a banana or apple or a banana, half a block if you have appetite can eat a cup of grated carrots or vegetable broth.

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