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beautiful nails

The magnetic nail polish are the new trend in decorating nails. I’ve already talked about last September, with the brand Nails Inc.

But most of those I have seen before and gives a result slightly blurry. But now the Italian brand Pupa Milano decided to launch his version, more efficient magnet side, which gives a neat and striped pattern visible.

Here Pupa Magnetic Nail Art Kit. This is a kit because the box contains not only a magnetic nail polish, but also two magnets, one to create horizontal lines, and the second to create diagonal lines. We can have fun in alternating patterns.

Horizontal pattern in the shade Magnetic Black

Diagonal pattern in the shade Magnetic Blue
So unlike traditional magnetic nail polish which the magnet is located within the cap, Magnetic Nail Art Kit offers exclusive separate magnets, which are easier to use, since they have an ergonomic shape that fits the shape the fingertip. The base can even be supported on the knuckle, for comfort and a more accurate result.

beautiful nails

The Magnetic Nail Art Kit is available in four shades (9 Italy): Magnetic Red (red), Magnetic Black (black), Magnetic Blue (blue) and Magnetic Purple (mauve). I tested the color Purple Magnetic. In the application, the color is quite pale and metallic. Once past the magnet, are appearing dark purple lines. Here is the result of my nails. I had fun to alternate the two reasons a nail in two.

Result on my nails with the shade Purple Magnetic
Last week, I applied a top coat and all lasted me all week. This week I have not applied, because I found it difficult to move the brush from the top coat without undoing the effect of the lines (they get a little fuzzy to the passage of the brush, because the pattern extends a little, but it’s still nice though).

So no top coat, the tip of the nail begins to flake after 3-4 days, which is good. But it is important to note that I applied two coats. I created the pattern only on the second layer, of course. With a single layer, the holding would probably be less. I noticed by cons that if we apply a single coat, color pale sees more: the clear lines are wider while with two layer, it is the darkest color that stands out.

The other thing to know is that the closer the magnet of the nail, the lines will be defined more and more away from it, they will be more gentle. On my nails, I put the magnet very very close, so we see that the lines are neat.

For the magnet, I found it quite easy. It took me a little practice at first for not touching the nail and the magnet, but I got better. My second application was much more successful. I was against by a little more difficulty for the thumbnail which is wider, so it’s harder to get the pattern across the width. I have not managed to perfect horizontal lines (they are a bit crooked), but it seems almost not.

With more practice, I will certainly do that.

A friend of mine has procured another brand of magnetic coating, and she decided to create a pattern on only one nail in each hand, what I thought was very nice also. So you can really create a custom look.

Will be available at the Magnetic Nail Art Kit Pupa on 12 March at Jean-Coutu, and other pharmacies in April. For dates and points of sale in Europe, please contact Pupa.

Suggested retail price: $ 18 CA

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