Cream to moisturize your lips


Our lips are very similar to our skin because they have the same effect as it usually is usually dry due to weather, high temperatures or intense cold, for this reason it is important that others can always be hydrated to avoid many problems and illnesses in our skin and lips, this time we will give a series of beauty tips to keep your lips hydrated.

The first thing to do is have a proper diet, drinking plenty of water and thus will be hydrating your skin and lips, then you can prepare a homemade cream-based oils, which not only protect you but also help to moisturize your lips, these creams are made with two tablespoons of glycerine, three almond oil and a tablespoon of honey.

Put all ingredients in a bowl and then mix them together, you apply this preparation on your lips and let go during a time of 15 minutes, and then you rinse with warm water, you may repeat this operation twice a week.

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