Comfortable skin after showering with Lipikar Oil La Roche-Posay

Comfortable skin

In winter, when I get out of the shower, I still have the skin that feels tight. This discomfort persists until I apply a body cream. I wish I could do without this step!

And people who have body skin even drier than I suffer more from the “after-shower.” Even with a body cream, it is not enough because the shower water has dried and irritated their skin.

I recently discovered a new product brand La Roche-Posay (brand recognized for its high quality care for sensitive skins and recommended by dermatologists) that helps to moisturise the skin while it cleans: Lipikar Oil. This is a cleansing oil relipidante anti-irritation.

Even before trying it, I had high expectations because I know the body care Lipikar, one of the most recommended for dry skin, as by that dermatologists cosmetologists. And I have not been disappointed!

Its mandate: to protect the skin against the drying effects of limestone and provide skin lipids necessary for the construction of the skin barrier … and it cleans the skin. The skin is clean and well fed, with the added bonus of lasting feeling of comfort after a shower.

This is an oil, but slightly foam on contact with water and skin, so it still leaves a clean feeling, but with a smooth and well hydrated, unlike most cleaners the shower. It is also lightly scented to make the time enjoyable.

Lipikar Oil contains cleaning agents selected for the best possible tolerance. The formula contains niacinamide to help restore skin’s protective barrier while soothing the feelings of tightness and shea butter to nourish and relipider skin deep.

Lipikar Oil contains no soap, alcohol, dyes or parabens and has a neutral pH.

It can be used on both adults and children and babies. Can also be used in the bath water. Simply pour a few capfuls into running water.

Lipikar oil cleanser is definitely my body for the rest of winter and I’ll make a point of recommending it to all those who have problems with dry skin on the body.

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