Change To A Federa Skin Smooth And Younger

Federa Skin

The enemies of the skin are many and are still there: the epidermis is not only aging due to sun and weather, smoking and bad habits or heating too high.

Perhaps you did not know, but a wrong pillow can contribute to aging skin, especially since the cover is something that is used every day and on which we lay face every night before going to bed.

Federa Skin

Why They Come to Wrinkle Pillow?

The quality of sleep depends on the quality of the pillow: the classic pillowcases of cotton or linen can bring cause wrinkles and skin aging.

How is this possible? Generally the fabric of the pillow is thick and interacts with his face pressed on for at least six hours a night, leaving marks that can be turned into wrinkles in the long run.

This happens especially if you always sleep on the same side during the night and if we do not turn much.

Solutions to Avoid “to be Pillow Wrinkles”

There are two main solutions to avoid this problem: the first is to sleep on your back instead of side or tummy, or is it a good idea to use silk or satin pillow cases.

These materials create less compression and are thinner, so respect the skin and reduce wrinkles. In addition, a pillowcase of silk is ideal to protect your hair, avoiding the knots and split ends.

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