By The Way Maquillate In Your Face


How do you know what kind of makeup suits our face? The factions makeup varies for each person. Oval faces, elongated and round require different tricks. We will unveil the secrets of Lancome to show off a radiant look.

Oval face
In the oval faces is important to apply the same background smoothing movements extending from the center of the face outward, feathering nicely into the neck for no cuts in texture or color.

Then apply the blush of a practical and simple smiles and the point of greatest volume and with the help of a brush apply blusher from the center of the cheekbone to the temple.

Long face
Apply the bottom of makeup the same shade of skin around the face and on top of the forehead and chin apply a darker shade. While the two tones then fades.

Using the brush apply your blusher very flat.

Round face
Apply make-up fund of the same skin tone all over your face and on the sides of your face apply a darker shade to give the impression of lengthening.

Then apply the lipstick right in the center of the cheekbone in the form of inverted triangle to give maximum lengthen the face and all that is possible.

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