Brewer’s yeast for hair loss

 hair loss

Hair loss is one of the most common in women, in many cases this problem is due to vitamin deficiency, stress, or genetic problems, but there are many home remedies and beauty tips that can help us eliminate this problem.

One of the beauty tips for hair loss solution is to apply a conditioner on your hair long, since it not only gives more smoothly but also prevents breakage and hair fall out, if you want to use any remedy nothing better to apply yourself home brewer’s yeast, as this product is very rich in vitamins and minerals, not only strengthens your hair but also the root of it.

For yeast apply yourself you have to do is buy the product in its grainy then put it to soak in warm water, so we have left a paste, wait for leaven, and then apply it on our hair, leave on for a time of 10 minutes and wash well.

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