Beauty tips for having full lips


Our lips are a powerful weapon of seduction, with them not only speak but kiss, for this reason is that they must be kept very healthy and Bosnians, if you are from women who do not have very large lips this time we will give some beauty tips, so you have perfect lips.

The first thing to do is to keep your lips well hydrated, so it can apply cocoa butter or almond oil so that they do not dry out and have more volume, it is also important you apply anti age cream around the edge from your lips, that area of the skin is easily damaged due to aging and hair removal.

Another beauty trick, you can do is makeup, use different shades of makeup so that it appears that your lips are larger for this, we recommend that you apply a darker shade in the contour of your lips, and to paint it a lighter shade, finally you add a gloss to your lips look more sensuous and more volume.

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