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If you’re still with smoking and do not want to quit, but are thinking about it soon, have to put to work repairing the damage to be caused by smoking in your skin. But even if you have smoked for a long period of time, by no means too late to repair the damage caused, in part, causad damage to your skin.

Since today are exposed to too many photos before and after of persons in the cigar, and I think a sad picture of these conviniera be more than enough reason to quit cigarettes. Since the opaque gray and the skin is one of the complications that produces snuff, and this can only be attacked internally absorbing many foods with vitamin C and zinc, which stimulates collagen production. While consuming also wheat, oats and fish.

To restore the shortage of vitamin A, it is best to eat lettuce and carrots. Also Vitamin E is responsible for the youth of the skin.

Outside, you have to exfoliate the skin, use creams and facial moisturizers multivitamin supplements. Smoking drastically reduces the levels of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants the body system.

But we must keep in mind that almost always buy vitamins must be careful to choose one that contains beta carotene, as it has been found that beta carotene by the cigarette is more harmful than beneficial. Because every time you smoke a few cigarettes, is sensitive our throat for a couple of days and I think the momentary satisfaction reported by the cigarette does not justify the pain.

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