And possible to have a flat stomach in a week

flat stomach

You can have a flat stomach in a week?
Although many of the people who read the title into thinking that the answer is obvious, there are a lot of other people have asked this question for a long period.

They may be those who have tried many methods, to no avail, advertising on TV ads, you can get a flat stomach in no time and with almost no effort!

It would be nice to have a flat stomach in just 15 days, right?
But, unfortunately, does not always work well.

We should begin by clarifying that the amount of time it takes depends on many factors and is different for each person.

Genetics, age, sex and current weight of the person are all factors that must be considered.

The truth is that these devices are not what they promise is true: in rare cases can get results like you see in commercials, with sculpted bodies in two weeks.

An important factor that will determine the amount of time it takes us, is being overweight, is not the same as having to lose 15 pounds.

It clear that to obtain a flat stomach, the first thing to do is remove the fat covering the muscles.

This leads to the conclusion that we can get a flat stomach in a few weeks or months.

As always, much will depend on our attitude: if you eat well, eat at staggered times with foods rich in fat.

The first step is to change our diet: eliminate as much processed foods, refined flours and sugars and eat more raw foods, more vegetables and legumes, cereals.

Drink plenty of fluids.
To get a flat stomach, you first have to lose excess body fat.

The second step is to implement a weekly routine of exercise, not less than 3 times per week.

Ideally, a high-intensity cardiovascular workout combined with specific exercises for the abs.

A procedure given by a professional is the best in these cases because, otherwise, we’re just wasting our time with exercises that do not work.

Finally, we must be realistic about the results that we obtain: if we have 50 years will not be so easy to get a flat belly, as we had at the age of 20 years.

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